kiyaThere is something fascinating about people that are totally dedicated to what they do. It is similar to when one sets your goals and all else around you becomes a blur. Kiya is one of those people, he gets up early everyday to answer customer e-mails, runs Self Edge SF, NY, and soon to be LA. He travels between SF/NY/Japan or wherever, to connect with other like minded people. Most interviews with Kiya are always about denim and what makes the brands he carry worth it. I really wanted to make this one more personal, like all my other ones. It didn’t take me long to realize that to Kiya there is not a whole lot of distinction between what he wants people to get out of Self Edge and his personal life. In a way people like Kiya are most exciting to me because complete and utter dedication to ones craft is the sign of authenticity. In a time when it easy for some to bend over backwards for their advertisers, at SLAMXHYPE we’d like to think that we are still as dedicated as Mr. Babzani.

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