I know what you mean. How do you feel about all these people all of sudden turning sartorial. Do you think a lot of people have just grown up or do you think everyone had a personal style evolution?

Personally i think it’s a combination of age taking it’s natural effect on people and also what’s hot right now is making it easy for people to dress like they’re older than they actually are. Garments which have been reserved for older men for many years are now being worn by kids in their late teens. I honestly pay no attention to any of this though. It’s not what we sell and it’s not something i’m interested in.

What are you interested in now? Guilty pleasures? Do you still love New Balance?

I love New Balance for when I’m running, which is pretty close to never. I’m still into the same stuff I was into ten years ago, denim, vintage garments, vintage style footwear, vintage watches.

Do you ever think one day you might be into something else?

Aren’t i too old to switch my ways? The thing is about me, i don’t like to change when I don’t see a need to. I enjoy improvement, but not change for the sake of change.  Probably has to do with my obsession with efficiency. I’ve had the same personal email address for 18 years. Same cell phone number for 16 years. I’ve had at least a few cars in my life, they’ve all be the same model but different years.

That is kind of creepy to me lol. For me it is all about personal growth and your personal style evolves as you evolve. I know you used to love Hedi Slimane era Dior Homme, is there any fashion house you are loving right now?

MMM (Margiela) has never looked better, which is an odd thing to say considering he’s not even involved anymore. He’s got a grasp on footwear that very few people do, and when I say “he” I mean “his designer’s that are now MMM” Also, the concepts that come out of MMM are something which is normally saved for concept art pieces, but he makes most of it so wearable and comfortable. What’s not comfortable are the prices associated with it all.

I love Margiela too. A lot of his mens accessories are very industrial and not your conventional luxury. Rick Owens said “I try to make clothes the way Lou Reed does music – with minimal chord changes,” Owens writes. “It’s about a worn, softened feeling. It’s about an elegance tinged with the barbaric, the sloppiness of something dragging and the luxury of not caring.” Do you think that in a twisted way that is what Self Edge or you are about?

Part of that is true for what we do, but i like to think our clothes are the anti-fashion, it’s not for those trying to fit into the current trend of fashion.  It just so happens that current fashion is passing over us right now, with the entire workwear trend. Which is an entirely other thing that i find amusing.  In some circles we’re lumped in with all the other workwear brands, but a quick look through our site will yield very few actual workwear looking pieces. I think the current trend in workwear is laughable at best, what most are considering workwear is actually early 60’s prep. Khakis and chinos worn the way people are wearing them is not workwear, neither is the way most people wear their jeans. And those wearing workboots from Red Wing now will look back and think it was ridiculous looking in a few years.  The reason being is that it’s all heavily trend and fashion based. That’s what brands like J.Crew have brainwashed people into thinking. They’re selling Red Wings and Military Issue Timex watches. For a brand that big to be selling things directly designed for military use or a construction site should be proof enough that it’s a trend.

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