Speaking of which, I heard you once say “I will destroy your life bitch!” Which by the way was a pivotal point in my life. Is there any other brand/trend/whatever you’d like to say that phrase too?

Not within an interview, no. :)

You’re one of my mentors Kiya, but everything you say is like IDM and like Self Edge. So precise and so on point, what is the real Kiya like. Or are you denim 24/7?

I’m not sure, i love what i do and i’m OCD with the things I love. I’m also a collector by nature, i have a very large music collection coupled with a large denim collection.  I shy away from finding more hobbies because it can be my next huge collection.  I’m really into motorcycles, classic cars, food, beer, whiskey. You know, normal stuff.

Do you think you’ve lost yourself to your interests, or lost yourself within your interests?

I’ve definitely found myself within my interests. Everything I do has to be very personal or else I can’t get into it. I have to find a reason to actually be into it, or else it’s not for me. Buying stuff because of hype or shallow wants isn’t something I believe in. Which is why I try so hard to make sure our employees at both SESF and SENY educate every customer that comes in about what they’re buying, so that they have a personal attachment to the garments they buy.

That is for me too I have to feel a connection. It is interesting you say that because I love denim, but I will only buy denim from Self Edge (except for the NBHD ones (laughs), Thanks Leilow!) because of you. Do you think a lot of people have lost their connection to a lot of things in life and just do it/wear it for whatever the reason?

I don’t expect everybody to care about everything they do, it’s natural to let certain things slip by or just to place your priorities elsewhere. It’s not something I preach, it’s just for myself there has to be a bigger meaning to it all.

Now that you’re a bit older, have you found the bigger meaning to your life, or do you think it is to spread selvedge denim joy to the world?

Haha.. I try to stay sane with all the things i have going on all the while traveling more than I probably should and have fun doing it. It’s hard moving on to do something new when Self Edge turned into such a large part of my life, but for now it’s what Ido with most of my time, things pertaining to SE.

Since were on the subject, do you still want to go through with your original plans of opening SELA?

Yup, we’re aiming to open this year.

Care to elaborate on the products/collaborations lined up?

We have a Jungle Cloth pant coming out with Toyo Enterprises (Sugar Cane, Buzz Rickson, Mister Freedoom, etc). It’ll be our first collaboration which won’t be made of denim, but denim isn’t left out, the back pockets are lined with an amazing 50/50 cotton/sugar cane fiber denim. That’s the SEXT11. Then there’s the SEXDBXSXSF12 jean, which is a 20oz unsanforized denim, that’s being released in March. Also, the big ten, the SEXFHXRR10 jean. Our most ambitious project yet, absolutely nothing like any jean we’ve ever released.

How come?

It’s not a traditional five pocket jean. It’s got 6 different levels of single needle stitch counts, it’s left had twill denim, it’s got unusual shaped back pockets, it’s got a swoop front pocket opening, it’s different in every regard.

Why do you hate corduroy? How do you feel about using Apple products and knowing Steve Jobs is wearing a turtleneck to the bank?

You did your research didn’t you? I just dislike corduroy, it don’t like the way it looks and it’s far from durable. I can’t stand it. Turtlenecks bother me because i don’t like having anything wrapped around my neck, hence why i can’t wear scarves, beyond that i don’t like the way they look. Thanks for taking the time to talk to me, it was fun.  Also, I noticed you have some holes in your NBHD jeans, we can fix those for you. :)


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