On 29 September, HVW8 Gallery hosts the U.S. unveiling of Sson 003, the bicycle series created by Swedish design innovator Tobias Adolfsson. Suggestive of Charles Eames, Adolfsson creates clean, well-crafted yet affordable bicycles, appealing to those within his culture of fashion, music and design. Eames was heavily entrenched in process, with the process to finalize a product often taking many efforts of trial and error. Adolfsson relates this spirit to his own design principles, resulting in the 3-speed, coaster brake, freewheel and BMX commuter models of Sson 003. The show features artwork on the bikes by the likes of Parra, Brent Rollins, Geoff McFetridge, Grotesk and others.

“I mix and match from my personal back catalogue of memories and the urban culture around us,” says Adolfsson. “People with fond memories of their childhood BMX riding around the block, listening to hip hop and watching ET, might know what I mean when riding the Sson 003.” Adolfsson became interested in bicycle design after becoming aware of the fact that most bikes look tacky, likely created by lazy designers. He then engaged in a strategic planning process to fabricate a well-designed, yet low cost and low maintenance bicycle.

The latest Sson bike series brings all Adolfsson has researched, crafted, owned and dreamt about since age four. The actual planning process over the last six years results with a limited edition series of Sson 003 bikes, all painted white to finalize the last step, artistic collaboration.  

As Adolfsson believes a bicycle can be as much a fashion product as a pair of modish pants, he leaves it to experienced artists and designers, who are also based in the avant-garde culture, to finalize his most recent craft. Although rooted in strong production principles, the bike surface remains simple, offering the opportunity for others to create a design reflecting their interests and curiosity.

HVW8 Gallery and Sson personally invited 7 artists to translate a model from the 003 series, to reflect their style and preferences of the Swedish handicraft. Paint, drawings, photographs, among other visual aesthetics complement the bike design.

Visit http://www.sson.org to view the previous Sson 003 artist campaign, featuring Swedish artists The Jens, Fox, Burfitt, CKR, Fienden, Stickkontakt, IOH, Strüwer and Ziggy. The opening was held earlier this year, at Stockholm’s Boutique Sportif.



Show runs through Oct. 20th, Gallery open Wed – Sat, 1 – 5pm

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