Recently SLAMXHYPE blogger Joy Yoon brought this latest initiative from Nike to our attention. Entitled ‘The Chosen’, the project is derived from the iconic ‘Just Do It’ slogan and features a host of action sports people including skater Paul Rodriguez, Olympic snowboarder Danny Kass, surfers Julian Wilson and Laura Enever amongst other.

This global online campaign includes a video contest inviting skaters, surfers, BMX riders, snowboarders and skiers to submit video to be chosen for an opportunity of a life, a chance to travel with the Nike team and experience the Nike dream. They’re utilizing the power of social media via Facebook where winners will be determined by fan support, Nike, and Nike athletes.

The contest, the film, and behind the scenes videos can all be found at Nike while here is a look inside the installation set up at Nike Stadium Paris to celebrate the initiative.

Thanks to La MJC for the images.