“The Fall” is the second film by acclaimed director Tarsem Singh whom you might remember from the visualy  cinematic masterpiece “The Cell” (minus horrendous casting choice for the lead – Jennifer Lopez but an excellent choice of Vincent D’Onofrio. Remember Damien Hirst’s Dissected Horse? one of the best scenes in The Cell See it here ) “The Fall” took 4 years to make, it was filmed in 18 different countries on 26 locations, had no CG effect all you see is real to the fault.  “The Fall” is an incredible visual experience and the story does not disappoint. I’d compare The Fall’s tone and fell to Pasolini’s theatricals and surrealism. Check out some clips from “The Fall” bellow and be sure to pick it up on Bluray and DVD now.



Opening Sequence:


Interview with Tarsem