The Forecast represents the latest partnership we have embarked upon as we continue to strive to bring cultural relevant and insightful content. Comprised of segments surrounding the rising stars, initiators, and taste-makers of style globally The Forecast presents a refreshing take on the idea of style captures, and fashion editorials.

The latest segment focuses its attention upon Stronghold Denim Co.. Established in 1895 Stronghold was the very first denim brand produced in Los Angeles, and they are the only brand that has remained completely American throughout their history. The retail outfit now serves as a hub for reproduction classic denim that celebrates the history and timelessness of true turn of the century style.

A bit more about the piece from The Forecast executive producer Teron Stevenson:

“I’ve been intrigued by The Stronghold for some time. I heard of the store long before I had even ventured in. When I finally did go into The Stronghold they were extremely accommodating and insightful on the history of the brand. Not only are they the first denim brand of Los Angeles but they offer their customers the service of customizing their own denim from scratch. They have a plant on premises where they make their products on site. The whole operation is like traveling in a time machine. So as soon as we began production on The Stronghold was the first brand we approached. I hope everyone can obtain the same interest I’ve had for this brand for years by watching this piece.”