As 1/2 of the design design team behind Loden Dager Paul Marlow sat down with Gilt MANual in a continuation of their Q&A interview sessions. Once again they keep the mood lighthearted while capturing a bit of insight into the labels current line.

Designers Paul Marlow and Oliver Helden met while holding apprenticeships at Marc Jacobs, and co-founded the N.Y.C.-based Loden Dager line in 2006. Since then the duo has turned out a steady, cult-followed stream of men’s wardrobe basics thrown slightly off-kilter by irreverent shots of bold color, garnering accolades like a 2008 Ecco Domani award and a partnership with juggernaut Japanese retailer Uniqlo along the way. With their most recent Gilt MAN sale launching today, we called Paul to get the lowdown on the pieces you’ll find inside—and his take on how guys can ease their way into getting a little color this year.

Your clothes are characterized by a bold, adventurous use of color—not something most guys tend to embrace.
Well, men tend to play it safe. We try to intervene in that a little by making well-tailored pieces that are infused with a sense of humor.

What are some easy ways guys can start injecting a little color into their wardrobes?
I would say…Start slowly. [laughs] I mean, you don’t want to be a Granimal or in Technicolor or anything.

A Granimal?
Right. The colors we do are wearable. We try to make sure that it’s not just color for color’s sake, and we stick to the same types of tones regardless of season.

So anyway, how do we start?
Socks and ties are an easy way to add a little color to your wardrobe. And this season for you guys, the ties all coincide with the shirts…Pretty conservative, but it’s a look that stands out.

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