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Many are anticipating the 3rd installment of the Zeitgeist films next year, along with the mass of awareness comes along The Kingdom Of Survival as well.. I’m very excited for this independent release by Slowboat Films! *SHARE THIS TRAILER WITH YOUR LOVED ONES..

The Kingdom of Survival is an interdisciplanary documentary combining speculative travelogue and investigative journalism in order to trace possible links between survivalism, spirituality, art, radical politics, outlaw culture, alternative media and fringe philosophy. Circling through themes of utopianism, globalized capitalism, anarchism, intellectual and spiritual self-defense, religion and art, the film investigates physical and psychological survival strategies practiced by groups and individuals in a conflict-ridden and confused post-modern world.

Maverick writer and filmmaker M.A. Littler hits the outlaw highway in search of visions that challenge the status quo.

On his journey Littler crosses paths with renowned linguist and dissident Prof. Noam Chomsky, outlaw historian Dr. Mark Mirabello, gonzo journalist Joe Bageant, legendary reclusive cabin builder Mike Oehler, anarchist book publisher Ramsey Kanaan, egalitarian radio host Sasha Lilley and folk musician Will “The Bull” Taylor.

Together they explore radical and alternative visions for the 21st century.