January 28 2008 marks the 50th birthday for Lego Brick, the bricks that have topped wish lists for many years and was voted ‘Toy of the Century’ by Firtune Magazine just before the trun of the millenium. Lego began in 1932 in Denmark, when Ole Kirk Christansen founded a small factory for wooden toys in the unknown town of Billund in the south of the country, he came up with the name Lego which is a fusion of the Danish words “LEg” and “GOdt” which means "play well”.

In 1949 the plastic Lego brick prototype was developed, after Christiansen bought the first injection moulding machine in Denmark, which continues to excite countless children and adults to this very day. Over the years he perfected the brick, which is still the basis of the entire Lego game and there have been small adjustments in shape, colour and design from time to time, but today’s Lego bricks still fit bricks from 1958.

To celebrate Google have, created a banner in recognition to the great Danish company that has really changed the world of building.

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