The Royal Mint have presented a very contemporary and exciting design for the new collection of coins which will enter the UK economy. The creation is the final product of a graphic designer by the name of Matthew Dent who won a national design competition back in 2005. The coins feature the Shield of the Royal Army, but split strategically into 6 different pieces, with the 7th coin carrying the entire shield. This design really provides a cutting edge for what a nation which is portrayed as being very rich in tradition which makes this even more fascinatin to see how the nation reacts. Bobby from Kitsune Noir who reported the news added something I totally agree with "do we really need coins anymore? I almost feel like it’s a waste of time, energy, and money to make them anymore. With credit cards doing the majority of our purchasing these days, I feel like we don’t really need coins much longer. But then again the other option would be to round the prices of all products up or down, and that could be a serious pain in the ass."

Take a look at the entire collection below.