If you happened to check out Bjork’s recent performance at the Hammersmith Apollo, you would’ve notice three interesting things. First of all, you would of seen Bjork swooning and moving to the music as she performs, next thing you should notice is the fifteen long chorus providing vocal support, and lastly, the most out of the ordinary, would of been Damien Taylor going Ape-crazy on what’s called a ReacTable. So what exactly is a ReacTable? Well, Damien Taylor sits down with Dazed Digital to talk about just that, and not to mention how he ended up on stage with Bjork. To make a long story short, the Reactable is an interactive tablet like platform that allows you to loop, harmonize, synthesize and sample music by placing blocks onto the tablet like interactive surface deck. To make sense of this all, check out the complete interview with Damien Taylor at Dazed Digital and have a look at this demonstration of the ReacTable in action. (Video) Thanks to ReacTable for Images.