Très Bien Shop continue to lead the way in many facet sof the word retail, and renovation of their Malmö store and headquarters epitomizes there focus and dedication. Working together with architecture firm Arrhov Frick, who also designed the interior and concept for Welcome, their Stockholm location Johan & Henrik of Arrhov Frick have below, explained the concept of the project.

Très Bien Shop’s collections are displayed in a building with great character and space in central Malmö, Sweden. The space had housed a textile factory as well as a flea market, which is apparent when you check out the well-worn wooden floor.
When we started the project the space was divided into a number of different-sized rooms with overall skewed logistics and hierarchy. The new architectural concept gives the room functional logistics and clear, built-in flexibility.
Très Bien Shop is a growing company, and it was impossible to determine exactly how the space would be used one or two years from now. Therefore, we designed a very flexible layout. Currently, the majority of Tres Bien Shop’s sales are over the internet, so the shop shoots photos regularly to keep the web shop updated.  So a new photo studio plays a central role in the design, and is the only room dividing the volume of the space. The room is mobile and can be slid to different positions and between the warehouse and store. The exterior of the studio is paneled with mirrors, making it subtly disappear, and making it useful from all angles. The other shop features—racks, tables and shelves—are stainless steel and are designed as loose, moveable furniture.
The entrance to the shop has a solid, glossy concrete floor. The weathered wooden floor of the store / warehouse section has been left intact and contrasts well with the mirrors, concrete and stainless steel.

The idea is that the environment should serve as a somewhat anonymous and subtle complement to clothing collections of diverse character.