On July 17, 1994, two teams took to the pitch in Pasadena, California to play for the world’s biggest prize; The FIFA World Cup. While all 22 players shared the same dream of winning, just ten wore the same boot — Nike’s first boot — the Nike Tiempo Premier.

It’s black and white color palette was classically football, but the athletes who donned them were anything but. These athletes would go on to represent a new guard, injecting football with youth, speed, and excitement that would forever change the face of the game. These players showed unparalleled confidence, and over the next 20 years this rebellious attitude would shape some of the best players football has ever seen. And it all began with the Tiempo.

Tiempo has since become a football icon. To celebrate it, Nike introduces the Tiempo ’94, a shoe for everyday style that draws from the heritage of the boot that started it all, and the Tiempo Legend V, a boot that introduces new style and innovation to the pitch. Outwardly familiar, both sneaker and boot reaffirm the importance of design in football lore, and its potential to change how the game is played.

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The Nike Tiempo V and Tiempo ’94