The Blogs at Slam X Hype are a very big focus of ours, and if you’re a regular over at that part of the site you would have noticed some great content of late with people sharing their views on the industry and really sparking interesting discussion, take a look at recent posts by Erik Brunetti, Dom Deluca and myself for examples. We’ve also introduced to you some new bloggers of late, and today I ake great pride in announcing our newest group of bloggers. ‘The Other Club’ is a group of UK based bloggers which I am sure all of you are familar with, even more exciting is that ALL of them are blogging together as a group, enabling more regular posts to come out of their camp, and of course the fact that many of their projects share similar points of reference or are infact built together as a group. ‘The Other Club’ is made up of Will Bankhead, who needs no introduction really, but for those who arn’t so familar, hes the man behind the lense of some amazing album covers from Honest Jons records on Portobello road, alongside his work for MoWax Records and Answer. Emmet Keane, alongside Will, Emmet is the man behind one of my personal favourite labels and one of the most impressive in Streetwear history, Answer, stay tuned for a new collection coming soon too. Jagger from Surrender and MoWax, two of the biggest names in Music and Street Culture, and lastly Ben Drury, another man who’s work for Mo Wax brought about Critical acclaim, but know for much much more, remember back to his Trust Me London show last year, which you’ll be hearing more from soon, his recent work for Dizzie Rascal and so much more. As a huge fan of the work of all these guys, its a huge honour to welcome the newest bloggers to Slam X Hype. They are all working on some really exciting projects at the moment, you’ll be the first to hear of them all here.

Oh, and you may ask where the name The Other Club came from, well… The Other Club was a dinner club Winston Churchill hosted in his heyday!

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