Yes we are here again & yes I am bitching about the same thing season in, season out…

Here I am again at the BFC tent getting my accreditation to shoot the shows etc…last year no problem was working for a Bosnian magazine…hey Bosnian’s want to know about fashion too…& can I say some them need to…that was not right I know, but I could not help myself.

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So there I am furnished with a commissioning letter from Blacklodges, Slamxhype, & WW&N…my letter from Drapers Record did not come because they do not have any letterheads…Drapers owned by EMAP king of Print & Paper has no Letterheads…amazing but true.

Now the readership on a daily basis between Blacklodges, Slam & WW&N is more than some publications in 6 months, & these 3 get the numbers every day…but guess what…that is not enough…they still want the print one…the one where the info sits for a month or in Drapers case a week…a week on the web is like a year’s worth of print info & features….

No this one is not spilt milk because my people at BFC are very cool & understand the coup just as good as me, but the people on high have set the rules…again regardless that it will be in today or even yesterday…& the print pics will not appear till October when the show is long gone…& people would have seen all the shows on line by then….or in weekly publications.

So I have to go back there again today & see what they can do for me…but yeas…BFC have made London’s Fashion Weak…

Be well.