Back by popular demand- The Rig Out returns. “It is better to create than to be learned, for creating is the true essence of life”.

Once again The Rig out nail their colours to the mast of one of the true original pioneers of creativity, – Gutenburg. For this issue Rig Out have travelled over to Milan, New York, London, Nairobi, and then over to Morocco.

Having the contributions by esteemed writers such as, Gary Warnett, Jason Dike and (Oi Polloi Deck Out waffle merchant) Mark Smith. Along with contributions from James Bowthorpe, Photography from Neil Bedford and styling by Angelo Urrutia of Engineered Garments. With the usual mix of top clobber from brands including: Stone Island, CP Company, Woolrich Woolen Mills, Clarks Originals, Engineered Garments and the much more

Front and back cover designed by artist (and former Stone Roses Guitarist) John Squire

The Rig Out can be purchased from Nepenthes (NY), Beams (Japan), WP Lavori, Oi Polloi, The End, Albam, Peggs&Son, No6 Draywalk, Secret Forts.. along with all good stockists.

The Rig Out are: Art Direction & Design (and part time modelling): Andy Bird Photography: Antony Crook Styling and Flannel: Glenn Kitson.