Most of you will know Joe Hahn of course from Linkin Park fame, but new to most of us, is Joe Hahn, the filmmaker. Its nothing new to him though, and so I wanted to catch up with the mutli-talented and creative friend of mine to see what his new film ‘The Seed’ is about and how filmmaking differs from writing music and some of the other creative projects he works on so regularly. You can download The Seed at Itunes and watch the trailor here, you won’t be dissapointed.

How long have you been interested in, and now making films?

I started working on music videos when my band (Linkin Park) got signed.  Previous to that, I was working in special effects.  Since I got behind the camera, I have always wanted to do a feature.  So that is next on my to do list.  In the meantime, I did this short.  Which was very gratifying because I had complete creative control over it.


As far as a creative output, how do you think your musical talents assist you in making films?

I think songwriting is similiar to filmmaking in that you are communicating a story to the audience through a set structure.  With songs, you are trying to convey an attitude or emotion.  You do something similiar with film but you have a much larger pallette to work with.  It is both visual and audible. Both are key elements for communicating ideas.  When I write music, I am inspired by visuals.  Filmmaking is definitely inspired by the rush you get when you hear certain music.

Can you explain to us the concept and inspiration in your eyes to The Seed?

The Seed is about a homeless, schitzophrenic man that discovers the reasons behind his dellusions.  As he fights a fight in his mind, a world of conspiracy becomes unravelled.  He then chooses to fight his way through all of this.


And your reasonings behind the way its been released?

The film ran for a while on the short film circuit.  I wanted people to have the opportunity to see it on the big screen first.  We just released it on ITunes through Shorts International for everyone to be able to check it out.

Whats next as far as films are concerned?

I am currently working on a music video for my band.  It is for the track, Leave Out All The Rest.  It takes place in space.  As far as other stuff, I hope that I can work on a feature length film in between albums.


What film makers have inspired you?

I draw my inspiration from many, many filmmakers as well as painters and graphic designers.  There isn’t any one person that I follow religiously.

What are your long term goals as far as the film industry goes?

Making films is a creative endeavor that I have been fortunate to be a part of.  I’m happy being able to work on different things like music videos, commercials or movies.  I think that all of these things have very cool challenges and it is fun to be able to work on many different things whether it be art, music, film, or fashion.


With the way the music industry is changing, what do you see the role of music video’s in the new generation of the industry?

Already, music video has been affected by the new generation of the industry.  MTV has abandoned the core of what built their channel.  Because of the drop in video budgets, most accomplished video directors have moved on to commercials and feature films.  However, because of Youtube, there is a whole new generation of filmmakers that can do things with no money and on camcorders.  With the new wave of filmakers there are more options and access to an audience based on word of mouth.  Great filmmakers work with what they have.  As far as the music industry goes, they have become less concerned with selling inspiring art.  They are more concerned with keeping their jobs.  Until they can get through this rough patch and get back to the basics of creating good product, the industry will suck.  However, it is a great time for the independent artist to rise.

Your always very busy, what else do you have going on this year, with linkin park and other projects?

We got a lot of stuff going on with LP.  So far we have touring set up for Europe, Projekt Revolution in the US, and possibly a China tour.  We got some other projects yet to be announced.  I also have the SURU line coming out in the upcoming months. I also just shot a video for Leave Out All The Rest.  I have a design I’m doing for Marka’s Mini-God Japan Edition.  A line with WESC coming out next year.  We got some really cool art shows coming up at SURU as well with Ekudayo, Axis, Jeff McMillan, and Alex Pardee.

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