* Monday March 1st 4-6pm come by for a meet and greet at The Selby’s Window Apartment
* Tuesday March 2nd 4-6pm come by with your pet and The Selby will make its portrait.
The Selby will be assisted by celebrity canine Oscar the Water Bar Labrador.
* Wednesday March 3rd 4-6pm come do some Karaoke in The Selby’s Apartment Window hosted by Hot Breath Karaoke.
After every song you will spin the wheel and get a chance to win some insane prizes care of The Selby and colette.
Send your song requests to hotbreathkaraoke@hotmail.com
* Friday March 5th 4-6pm come by and pick up a book and some stickers and check out The Selby’s Apartment Window
* Saturday March 6th 4-6pm bring some photos of your home or your office to The Selby’s Apartment Window for your very own free VIP Interior Selby Consultation.
There will be some amazing special guests coming by throughout the day to help out with this.