We mentioned yesterday about the launch last night of SURU’s latest Triple Threat Series installation in their LA store. Featuring new works from Ekundayo, Joshua Clay, and Erik Siador and brought to you by Think Space Gallery and Suru. The Triple Threat Series is an ongoing event created to expose emerging artists to the scene. Slam X Hype Blogger, Yevgeniy was on hand to interview featured artist Ekundayo, who’s work has also been seen as part of Linkin Parks ‘Minutes to Midnight’ Album.

Please introduce yourself and what is on your plate these days?

I was  born and raised in Honolulu HI but for seven years of my childhood i moved all over the U.S. looking back it was a rough time in my life but i was able to see  allot of  things that really shook my reality and drawing from these experiences and others is  what i truly love to paint. I’m currently working on a piece for a themed  group show at gallery 1988 were everyone paints Stan Lee caricatures. I’m also preparing for a  two man show at Think Space gallery with Johnny KMNDZ Rodriguez that will open next year as well as some freelance and commission work.

How long have you been doing graffiti?

I started to do my very first extremely toy pieces in 1997 . It wasn’t till about 1999 that my stuff actually started looking decent  even when I was wack graff  was always something that provided an escape for me.

When did the transition to fine art happened and do you still write?

I would say the transition happened naturally in in the same way tags evolve into pieces I was looking for a way to push myself beyond what I was doing. I still paint with the crew especially when i just need to get loose and rock some funky shit, but I like to keep my fine art and my graffiti separate although my fine art incorporates allot of graff influence I feel it stands on it’s own. I wouldn’t be keeping it real if I said using spray pain in a gallery makes it graffiti .

You have been doing some if I may say "commercial" art latest example being imagery  for Linkin Park’s latest record "Minutes to Midnight" How did it come about?

Joe asked if I would be interested in doing some art for the band and I didn’t think twice.

Were you happy with an outcome?

In the spirit of progression you always try to find ways to improve on your past works but i really couldn’t be happier with the way thing turned out. I’m also grateful to have the opportunity to work on something that will be seen across the globe.

Your art is quite enigmatic where do you draw inspirations from? What  is your process like?

A lot of my inspiration comes for past experience. I think the heavy burdens that we carry throughout our lives are what shapes the people we become witch is a reacquiring theme in my work. I’m also fascinated by the ocean and all the crazy things that live within it .


Ekundayo what do you think of LA’s art scene and where do you think your art fits?

I think it’s great! there are real opportunities to become successful if your equipped with the rite attitude and proper work ethic as far as were it’s going i really couldn’t say  my only concern is to create the thing i love to do most and let the  chips fall as they may.

Tell us more about Triple Threat art show at SURU that opens on November 15th and will we see some of your new pieces?

Well I’m going to be  in the show with the remarkable talents of Josh Clay And Erik Siador who are always known to hold it down. i will have mostly small works with one big piece I’ve been working on for a while .

What is next for you?

The next thing on my agenda is to spend some much needed holiday time with the family in Hawaii live life for a bit then come back and let it do what it do!

Ekundayo: www.ekundayo.com

SURU: www.suru-la.com

The Triple Threat Series: Ekundayo, Josh Clay and Erik Siador.

Thursday, Nov. 15th from 7-10:00 PM


7662 Melrose Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90046