NY Fashion Week Outfit

Yes, you want to look amazing/ cutting edge when you’re attending the shows for NYFW and yes, it sucks that the Polar Vortex has descended from the Arctic to freeze the Empire City into a barren wasteland of fashion-unfriendly temperatures, but this is what you should have expected; this isn’t September Fashion Week.

So, don’t be an idiot, save those soft, suede visvim sneakers and ankle-bearing Thom Browne suits for a time when you won’t be standing waist-deep in a slush puddle and/or trekking through Brooklyn’s snowbanks to find Alexander Wang‘s show.

Don’t be an asshole and freeze to death by wearing anything below. It’s not chic, but when it comes to February in New York, a little function and less fashion could be a good thing.

The High-End Event Attender

NY Fashion Week Outfit

Navy & White Merino Monster Maskatari Edition Balaclava: Actually, this is a pretty useful piece… if you’re robbing a bank/doing weird sex roleplaying.

Indigofera X Wes Lang Wool Blanket Worn as a Scarf: Yes it’s warm, but you’ll look like a jerk. Like this.

Thom Browne Grey Two-Piece Wool Suit: Ankle coverage is a must. Not too sound like your mom, but you’re gonna get sick.

Balmain Long Black Suede & Shearling Fingerless Gloves: Why do you wear gloves lined with the warmest of animal products just to have your fingers freeze?

visvim FBT JP Suede Sneakers: visvim shoes are awesome. Suede in a winter wonderland (hellhole) is not awesome.

The Hypebeast

NY Fashion Week Outfit

Givenchy Brimless Leather Cap: At least wear a brim and not something made from a material that’s ruined by falling snow.

Stampd TY Mesh Jersey: Oh yeah, a mesh shirt? In the dead of winter?

Terribly Ripped A.P.C. Jeans: Yeah, A$AP Rocky wears them, but not to trek from the subway to the DKNY show over by Hudson River.

A Piece of Denim Around The Waist: If you’re going to tie something around your waist in this weather, it should actually probably be a flannel shirt.

Nike Flyknits: Mesh sneakers. In the snow. Great call.

The Nothing’s-Holding-Me-Back Woman

NY Fashion Week Outfit

Piers Atkinson Googlie-Eyed Veiled Baseball Cap: What is this?

Acne Studios Purple Structured Rue Li Bustier: Just the worst for thermo-efficiency.

Gucci Mesh Bra Top: No one wants to see your chest that badly. You’re gonna get hypothermia.

Alisana Cropped Suede Leggings: Suede in the post-snowstorm slush… is a nightmare.

Sophia Webster Leilou Stripe Leather, Suede and Canvas Sandals: Open toes in the Winter are for a**holes.