"Residents of a sleepy SoHo block aren’t sure what to make of the Wreck Center, a store/performance space/art installation that has invaded their neighborhood like a post-apocalyptic circus. Decorated with graffiti, gold paint and 5,800 feet of Day-Glo masking tape, the space, designed by Rafael de Cárdenas, pops, to say the least. “Finally one came up to me,” said Aaron Bondaroff (above), the project’s ringleader, “and told me it was about time someone did something cool in the neighborhood again.” Until the end of February, when the building that houses the Wreck Center is torn down, Mr. Bondaroff, the downtown impresario better known as A-Ron, has planned a series of invite-only book signings, launch parties, art and music shows, even a little stand-up comedy; a storefront will sell the wares of all involved. “And as soon as everyone catches on,” he said, “it’ll be over.” That is, until May, when the Playboy channel broadcasts a documentary on the whole affair"

A-Ron let it all out in his recent inerview with Heron Preston(here), but now The NY Times presents more info on the short term pop up space developed by Off bowery to house its productions and act as a store front. Expect to see shows from the normal suspects and much more in the coming weeks.