‘The Young And The Banging’ is a new book brought to us by the people at LAGirlsNY and publishing company OH-WOW. Looking at the next crop of creative talent out of NYC, 15 inspirational young women were chose and asked to profile their peers, an oppurtunity to maybe find who’ll be running NYC in years to come.

"Inspired by both the traditional American high school yearbook and Ezra Petronio’s yearbook, “Bold and Beautiful”, The Young and the Banging is the very first ever co-created yearbook dedicated to the new wave of young, cool and creative youth in downtown NYC.

On behalf of myself and Tracy Antonopoulos a.k.a. Spacey Tracy, 15 girls in NY were invited to partner as co-creators to help make the yearbook. We asked each of them to create their own groups of young people to be represented as a class in the yearbook and gave them extra spreads in the book to design in a way that best represented their groups’ lifestyle and creativity. Lastly, we asked the girls to take polaroid’s of every person in their group to act as their class photo. The girls we invited to be co-creators of this yearbook are creative, well connected friends of ours, entrepreneurs, talented designers and photographers. They make the city tick and some are still students at schools like NYU, Parsons, Eugene Lang, Pratt and SVA.

Made possible by LAGIRLSNY, a female focused lifestyle group and OH-WOW! publishing house."

News from AnyOneGirl via LAGirlsNY.