Haider Ackermann is the type of fashion designer that embraces the true creative spirit, eclectic, emotional, and somewhat whimsical in his approach to life, and fashion. Any chance you get to get a glimpse into the mind of the man whom turned down a post a Martin Margiela and has been a topic of conversation in the recent talks of fashion house roulette which has unfolded in recent months do so as he is truly an interesting soul. In the his recent interview with Maria Luisa for thecorner.com Haider speaks candidly about his seemingly happenstance entry into menswear, his upcoming spring womenswear collection, but more importantly we’re shown how emotions more then anything play into the creative process for Haider. A wonderful piece from one of fashion more eccentric persons.

TheCorner.com Presents: Unconventional Conversations | Haider Ackermann