Sports fans are weird..  for example, in Los Angeles…  you’re most likely a Lakers fan if and only if they are winning. If they aren’t, you spend all your time bitching about how much you dislike them. Some will object to this observation, but there’s no denying the underlying truth: You want to be on the side of a winning team. Its the same for World Cup.. once your country is eliminated, you flip and flop your way all over the place to align yourself to an advancing team… telling yourself and others that you were rooting for them all along. I’m currently cheering on the Netherlands as per my brother-in-law’s instructions.

With World Cup almost finished and the semi-finals upon us in just a few hours away.. I can’t help ponder over
this wave of “soccer fever” in America. America.. you call it “soccer” while the rest of the world calls it “football”.. STRIKE ONE. Over 70 million people are tuning into this..  that’s more than the NBA Championship, the Superbowl, and the World Series combined.. STRIKE TWO. Every country in the world plays soccer… STRIKE THREE.. Get it together America,  I wish you’d take it more seriously…

At this point I’m sure some of you are wondering if I’m one of those people who are just into soccer because its World Cup. My reply… absolutely not. I love this game. I watch football all the time. To me it’s a “real” sport. 45 minutes of non-stop action followed by a short half-time and capped off with another 45 minutes. These athletes are no joke. And don’t even get me started on the ball control, dribbling, and the kick range some of these players and teams have…  amazing. If I’m not watching a game during Premiere League season.. I’m reading about it on the Guardian Newspaper website, watching replays and reading the commentary.. yes, I’m that nerdy.

Since I don’t have cable I’ve been getting my World Cup fix by watching the games at the NIKE Montalban Theater with my friend, Emily Shen. But apparently I’ve been spending too much time obsessing over the World Cup and not paying attention to more important things. Thank goodness my friends aren’t shy about voicing their opinions.. This one from Naheed Simjee is by far my favorite..

“Hi. I know you’re all busy with a soccer ball up your ass, but still, don’t forget your friends, jerk.”

Don’t worry, World Cup is over this weekend, and then I’m all yours….  promise.

If you spend enough time at the Montalban as I do you’ll recognize that Shirley Maclaine’s (aka Warren Beatty’s sister) star resides right outside….

Radioactive Man gets a Media pass

Who I was rooting for..

I got to play around on stage between games.. sandals were not a good choice but I made it work

The Nike Red Laces in the Red Lounge

Buying these laces bring good karma!!

Emily Shen resting the Red Lounge.. we had to take a nap.. BAD. Waking up at 5:30am to come to these games take a toll…  a huge sacrifice for the love of the game

Rachel Buenviaje and Emily