Animation is an art form that has been a large source of inspiration for contemporary artist and also streetwear and fashion over the years. As animation continues to evolve comes this series great of 35 animated short online films set in the grimy underbelly of the concrete jungle, the "Three Thug Mice". Launching in February 2008 to coincide with the Chinese Year of the Rat this certain animation features the  ongoing ghetto saga of anti-heroes Vic, Tik and Brik, three rodent crooks gnawing their way to gangster infamy.

The creator of this series is New York City artist, Steve Marcus and he describes the Mice as "A hip-hop Fritz the Cat" and Marcus’ credo is "support the hood- not Hollywood" and stays true to his convictions by maintaining creative, publishing, and production control of all of his characters. The first of the animated short films will premiere next Tuesday, February 19th online at Three Thug Mice so make sure you catch it and get to know some of the rodents created in the imagination of Marcus.

Thanks to Juxtapoz for the info.