Tim Hamilton is the latest designer to put together a collection for Japanese minimalist brand Uniqlo with some distinction as part of the "Designers Invitation Project". With the run largely featuring trousers and layered pieces Tim Hamilton describes the collection as "Merging refined elegance with youthful energy, this collection took as a source the modern, playful images of Bruno Munari’s photo-reportage. Finding humor in the industrial, modernizing settings of 1930s Europe, Munari shows carelessly chic youth butting heads with the buttoned-up, formal establishment. This contrast is reflected in the colors and fabrics of the collection: muted colors meet with a nearly-technicolor palette as denim and jersey play off of deluxe twills, cashmeres and poplins. Workmen’s shirts are rendered in fine cottons, t-shirts are given elevated details, some knits are cut on the bias and some seams are torqued. Fun and imagination come together to land on a romantic idea of contemporary style." Check out the impressive line that follows the capsule collection from Loden Dager below.

Thanks to We Are The Market for the info