I think now is great timing to let you all know the SLAMXHYPE is going to take a timeout from our blogs. The hiatus will not be too long (depending on how much sleep myself and Adam get while working on THE NEW ORDER), and we will be back with a completely new structure and format making for something really exciting.


For my last installation, I want to share some thoughts about the upcoming Champions League final. In my opinion the two very best teams are deservedly set to play it out and the outcome will be either a dull affair or the absolute opposite (which I am sure everyone is hoping for). If I had to put my money down, I would go all out for Manchester United. Although Barca have a little bit more in terms footballers United seem to have that winners attitude that will make the difference.


So enjoy the final and spare me a thought if Newcastle go down this weekend,,, otherwise content on SLAMXHYPE may be varied because I will be either distraught of it will be either tears of joy.