Artist, skater and leaf connoisseur Toby Shuall has been steadily doing his own thing for years now, and recently he’s been getting a lot of well-deserved publicity for his Suburban Bliss label. Toby’s work has one foot in the English forests and the other in the concrete jungle of London and his t-shirt range is a natural extension of this aesthetic. Instead of looking to current trends and other labels for inspiration, the Suburban Bliss designs occupy their own unique world of imagery ranging from celebrations of London skate spots like the Southbank to collages of leaves, from black magic to ‘your mum’ jokes. The designs are predominantly hand-drawn and are created by Toby and a close unit of friends such as Fergadelic, French and Nicola Pecoraro before being hand-screened onto cut ‘n’ sew t-shirts in Toby’s home town of London. The new collection is in store now at DoBeDo, The Three Threads and other stockists. Toby also has an exhibition of personal work opening tomorrow at London institution Slam City Skates that focuses mainly on his mythical tribe the Lostalots, a mysterious race of forest-dwellers masked with leaves and wielding flaming branches. Toby’s t-shirts and personal work are unlike anything else out there at the moment, so we felt it was time to have a closer look at both…


Masks of the Lostalots:


‘Italy’ tee:

‘Branch Stack’ tee:

‘Lady of the Woods’ tee:


‘3D stack’ tee:

‘Clipper Inside’ tee:


‘Elephant’ tee:

‘Bird Love’ tee:


‘Ghost Stack’ tee:

‘Teepee’ tee:


‘Bands Collage’ tee:

‘Stack’ tee:

Have a look at the Suburban Bliss website for more information and head down to Slam City Skates tomorrow to catch the launch of Toby’s exhibiton…