I spent most of tonight browsing the internet. I checked out blogs, I checked out forums, I watched videos, and learned about the state of the world that we live in today. Once a week, I spend time just looking around and browsing and seeing what everyone is up to. Here are three links that moved me in one way or another.

Facebook. I have to say getting stuck on facebook is the worst. If I had all these “tools” in college, I’d be one smart dude. The internet is so powerful. We used to get our message across by putting stickers up around and tagging brown fences with white OSH paint with fat caps on the freeway. Times have surely changed.

Jeff’s post about Twitter. He’s absolutely correct about how people should use twitter. Linking on twitter defeats the purpose. It’s a way of communicating your thoughts to people that are interested in you. I’m following you now Jeff.

The Brazillian Barack Obama’s. All 6 of them. I absolutely loved this story when I first heard of it. I didnt follow it day to day but was in awe of how the phenomenon of being the first black president has affected the world. I think you all should read this cause it’s changed peoples lives. None of the Six Obama’s won in Brazil but it got people thinking. I’m sure the next election will be a good one.