Bias aside, one of the freshest new generation producers and accomplished DJ’s coming from The Netherlands is our lil’ buddy Tom Trago. Tom’s also part of the celebrated Parra Soundstystem, the Trago in Yuro Trago, and calls the versatile Rush Hour/Kindred Spirits Labels his recording home.

He already released several records in the past, including the ‘Fluor Green EP’ on Rush Hour/Nod Navigators, a Hip Hop flavored EP in the fashion of Beat Dimensions. Having finally finished his damn study, he found more time to focus on expanding his production skill.

This resulted in last years ‘Primary Roots’ (as Yuro Trago) and his new new album ‘Voyage Direct’. The ‘Voyage Direct’ album is a homage to his love for disco and house music, and throws the listener in a timewarp, filtering the listener back to the 90’s in a contemporary way, if that makes any sense.

This ain’t a record review though, y’all can catch a peep at www.rushhour.nl/tomtrago for a preview. The release jumpoff takes place this thursday at Club Trouw, and he might be promoting the new album in your area soon, as well as working on more production such as the disco project with San Proper, a visit to the Carl Craig studios in Detroit to work on new Yuro Trago material and remixing other peoples material (watch out for his Phillipe Zdar remix on Cassius Records).