Fergadelic’s Tonite is coming back with huge impact this season, we’ve already featured the line of menswear and a preview of the womens tee’s, but here’s a good look at the collection for girls, one of the best things about Fergadelic’s work is not only do they transpose into streetwear graphics so well, but they also can easily be suitable for girls and guys alike. This line is sure to be a huge hit. Below is a note from Fergadelic himself explaining the inspiration behind the line. A few pieces have already been featured in the new Vogue Italia 2008 shopping guide. Stay tuned for more and look out for the new Tonite site coming soon.

A note from Fergadelic:

This is the first season I’ve done that can actually be conceived as a collection. So I should take a moment to explain the theme & the inspiration behind it. I loosely termed the collection "Traveling". Whilst I was traveling a couple of years ago, I got married on a beautiful beach in Australia.

A local witch, who was conducting the ceremony, recommended what she thought was the best place. We went there the day before the wedding to check it out. After a 15 minute walk down through dense rainforest, we came upon a sheltered cove, with a smile of white sand curving between the cliffs. It was indeed a magical place. The trees were still wet from the tropical rains that would fall daily. Rising above the tree tops, a column of white smoke signaled someone’s presence. As we scouted around, the maker of the fire emerged from the trees. I introduced myself and told him of our plans to marry in his "front yard". I invited him along.

As we arrived there the next day, the beach bum emerged once again. He stood respectfully distant in his raincoat off by the surf, whilst his friend span cartwheels across the sand in celebration. He didn’t own the beach, but this only made the place all the more his. What a perfect witness for our ceremony! I was determined to keep the spirit of that place alive in me. To take it on my travels, and to share the beach bum’s freedom. 

This Tonite "Traveling" collection is an embodiment of that spirit. An attempt to bring the beach to the city. To share the freedom, whether under the tropical rain of the beach, or the winter skies of the city.