Here at SlamXHype we take pride on our content bein at a high quality and especialy being of great interest to our readers, that is probably why it is so difficult to pick a top ten stories and I believe this is a rare occasion in which I have done that successfully. This week was full of various topics of interest having seen great sneakers like the Nike Hiroshi Fujiwara P-Rod 2 surface and Adam’s own label Nevermind release the "Smash Babylon Mind Control" Tee and to the upcoming Fuct piece for Zippo Japan. Then on a more culteral side the Chapman Brothers, David Benjamin Sherry, Tim Biskup and Espo were all doing big thing with their art while Sigur Ros released a great single and video clip to match.

Nike x Hiroshi Fujisawa P-Rod 2

David Benjamin Sherry Sensate Transcendency Exhibition

Ryan McGinley Inspired Sigur Ros Video "Gobbledigook"

Martin Margiela Sunglasses

Fuct For Zippo Japan

Tim Biskup’s “The Artist In You” Exhibition

Adidas x Shinsuke Takizawa Superstar

’If Hitler Had Been a Hippy How Happy Would We Be’ Exhibition From The Chapman Brothers

Nevermind ‘Smash Babylon Mind Control’ Tee

Steve Powers aka Espo Takes on Dublin