Skateboarding Tour documentary Photo Exhibition

By RipZinger
At Arrow & Beast / Stuttgart, Germany
On 13th of October – Open 19:00
After Party at Mata Hari

“Tour De France” is an experimental Photo Exhibition of the japanese photographer Tomonori Tanaka, aka Ripzinger.On his own journey through Europe, Rip is invited to join the Arrow & Beast crew on their first trip together, the “Tour De France”. Twelve friends connected through skateboarding on the search for friendship, chaos and freedom. Documented by Ripzinger. – Arrow & Beast

Me – ripzinger joined this skate tour with new friends, all German skaters, to Lyron and Marseille, Annacy. Surrounded by all German language and having fun. No understanding of any words putt me in more focus on visuals. Surprising with culture difference and amazing on how funny they are and how lovely they are. Those experiences I had with them are definitry changed and form my impression of German people. Touring create different level of relationship. Deeper personality appear and understanding each other more. I am Japanese new friend for them and they warmly welcomed me and loving to having me around. I was really enjoyed time with them and felt I am part of them. This fact motivated me to do something with Arrow and beast. One year old skate shop “Arrow and Beast”, pretty new skate team had a first skateboarding tour. Get my photo together and experience D.I.Y photo exhibition. – RipZinger

Arrow & Beast
Geißstr. 10, 70173 Stuttgart
+49 711 / 518 905 96

Mata Hari
Geißstraße 3, 70173 Stuttgart
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– ripzinger