Intelligence is the all-embracing key word injected into the debut luxury t-shirt line by Tourne de Transmission. Drawing on the concept of questions and statements combined with imagery, the collection presents a number of thought-provoking messages, cleverly communicated through provocative or tragicomic captions complementing arresting visuals on t-shirts.

A nod to classic newspaper design of the early 20th century, the t-shirts’ signature split boxes and fonts are rooted in the distinctive mise en page of the 1900s, while the use of roman numerals – spelling out 2010, the label’s year of establishment – further hint at a sense of classicism.

While certain images have been produced specifically for the collection, others are sourced from old bookstores and antiquarians all over the world. Images are kept in dark tones, accentuating both the classic print accent of the design and the gravity of the statements posed on the garments.

Rotating transmission is the literal translation of Tourne de Transmission: an analogy for the idea of combining visuals and words with the result of generating a message.

In creating statements based on a reaction between word and image and subjecting these to a media saturated world on what essentially becomes a walking banner, the t-shirts take on a new meaning, which corresponds more to the idea of a hard-hitting album or magazine cover than the simple garment it really is.

While breathing new life into the idea of the slogan t-shirt, Tourne de Transmission takes it to a different, socially observant level.