After years of creating looks for other brands, Los Angeles based designer Terence Yeung decided it was time to venture out on his own, marking the birth of the functional menswear line Tovar. Taking inspiration from the modern day traveler / explorer, Terence’s vision for Tovar is simply rooted in functionality and simplicity allowing the collection to seamlessly integrate into any wardrobe no matter the climate, style, or occasion. The impressive first collection features everything from basics, knits, slim pants, to water repellant outerwear, which for anyone who has traveled can attest to is quintessential to your wardrobe. The line plays comfortably within the mid priced range in which we’ve seen much growth over the last few years in menswear, as more and more labels have begun to shift their focus from high fashion to more sensible functional looks. We have highlighted some of our favorite pieces from the great debut collection from Tovar but we’re continue to showcase the label as its debut season approaches.

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