Word via Hurtyoubad, who got info directly from the suppliers of the product itself is that TOX09 prints are a-coming in limited numbers. Any commuter countrywide knows TOX. A British institution with more ups than yer’ average screenprint fodder, this chap should be more of an an inspiration than any number of stencil wielding idiots or tinpot outlaws wielding a roll of flyposters, with puntastic names, who should either get a handstyle or learn to paint as well as Ron English – one or the other. And if their social conscience is throbbing, maybe they could sacrifice their lives sinking a whaling ship.There’s some options. And don’t get me started on people who make a name by dismembering ads. That’s not even culture jamming (yeah I know, 1999 just asked for its buzzword back) – it’s barely even culture bedroom strumming. Clowns.

Anyhow, TOX prints go on sale this coming week. The realness. Well, as real as runs of prints get, and as British as milky tea and escalating knife crime. Support.

“TOX09 will be released next week, a limited signed run of 75 prints that bring a little bit of British Rail into your front room for your mother-in-law to pour scorn upon, you can’t moan about this geezer jumping on the graffiti band wagon he’s been one of the few people driving it over the past ten years while the mincey ‘street art’ generation milked it as dry as they could, you won’t catch this one fannying around Shoreditch with a full can of paint and a flashy pair of sneakers thats for sure.”


Because I feel guilty about this measly blog post, here’s some suggestions on how to entertain yourself:

Rewatch ‘Timecrimes (Los Cronocr√≠menes)’ because there’s a remake set for 2011 with David Cronenberg at the helm. Not a bad thing, but a director more than capable of his own original vision. ‘The Chaser’ and ‘Let The Right One In’ are set for remakes, and ’13 Tzameti’ already has one in pre-production, but try as I might, I’ll never hate on anything with both Ben Gazzara and Chuck Zito in. Fortunately the ‘Oldboy’ one seems to have been halted.

Download years of old Source magazines, kindly scanned courtesy of http://thimk.wordpress.com – they’ve even compliled several Fat Tapes to download too. Looking at the ’92 issues, whatever happened to the Ewing and Flight-a-like ‘Aerial Assault’ range with it’s ‘Muki’ shoe? I still hum ‘Dust In The Wind’ by Kansas when I think of the years of this publication that I lost in a parental clearout – prior to its recent rehabilitation, it actually dropped off with the pictured issue (good cover though).

Watch a documentary on methamphetamine – “If you can make chocolate chip cookies, you can make methamphetamine”

Laugh at this man –
Courtesy of http://youruddyguys.wordpress.com/

Commemorate the fact that in the UK there’ll be two All Tomorrow’s Parties events – one curated by The Breeders with Gang Of Four, Shellac, Throwing Muses and X on the lineup, plus a ‘Fans Strike Back’ one with Devo, Spritualized, Beirut, The Jesus Lizard and Sleep performing ‘Holy Mountain’ in its entirety by playing this loud –