We’re about to see all sorts of end of year round ups online, Transworld Skateboarding start us off with their look at the best in Street Skating for 2010.

“Check out the highlights of the best stuff that went down this year on Skateboarding.com. This 6-minute mini video features the best stuff from our Day In The Life and Neighborhood segments, road trips (with some outdoor skatepark rippage), Lance shredding the Ridiculous Pool, other street features plus some new unseen footage. The video also features new footage of Vincent Alvarez from a Neighborhoods video that never was. We spent the day with Vincent working on his Neighborhoods video, but got rained out just as Vincent started ripping. The footage finally finds a home in this edit. Also featuring Chad Tim Tim, Levi Brown, Eli Reed, Tyler Surrey, Jimmy Cao, Theotis Beasley, Julian Davidson, Boo Johnson, Dan Murphy, Elijah Berle, Kelly Hart, Walker Ryan plus many more.”

Source: Transworld via HB

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  1. Goslapyourself

    slamxhype has no business reporting on skateboarding and it’s contemporaries. fact. to the point of taking the info from another streetwhere blog is even worse. fact 2.