Earlier in the Summer, photographer Daeja Fallas and I conceptualized an editorial  photo shoot for Contrast Magazine & editorial video shoot for Canadian Filler Magazine with the concept of an old 1960’s song by Vashti Bunyan called “Train Song” & featuring it for multiple magazines, each fulfilling their own  roles of presenting the content.  The shoot featured multiple collections but focused mainly on Creative Growth for Everybody, the oldest and largest disabled artist organization in the world, based in Oakland CA.  The print version just hit newstands this week and below are some images from the shoot.  There is also a link below to the video content in Filler Magazine, which I directed.

Filler Magazine “Travelin’ North” VIDEO LINK HERE


Special Thanks to:

Mark MacInnis  |  Katie Malia  |  Christina Guerra  |  Chris Schieffelin  |  Thais @ Ford Models LA  |

Dan Miller.  Artist @ Creative Growth Typing Arwork at the studio in Oakland, CA