Cycling’s renaissance man Lance Armstrong has created this very sleek and minimal design of the Trek District frame. A one off design which has been given the title Lance District features the carbon fibre District frame that is set-up with a carbon fiber composite yellow belt drive system that completes the look well accustomed to Lance Armstrong.



Thanks to Limited Hype for the info.

7 Responses

  1. skippy

    great colors! but a little more of the “livestrong theme to let lance’s following be honored for their support.

    out of 20+mil followers there will be many who will go for the “livestrong colors.

    “team radio shack colors need to be based on “livestrong colors to honor the 20+mil followers that “radio shack is trying to tap into

  2. 120spaced

    Lance is a champion of epic proportions, and this is an interesting piece of design, but all said and done it smacks of cash-in on the popularity of track bikes done through a perversion of the source material. Call me a purist a-hole but i call this a fail.

  3. steve

    @120spaced ok then, you’re a purist what-you-said ; ) how can you not love that cf yellow belt drive?

  4. valesca

    wow! i LOVE this bike. the yellow accent is amazing. i am afraid to find out the cost. i can dream!!