To honor the successes and ground breaking moments throughout the late Alexander McQueen, we here at SlamxHype have put together a tribute to showcase the designer at his finest and most daring moments.

While working at Saville Row, McQueen aquired such clients as Charles, Prince of Wales, for whom he wrote ‘I am a cunt’ in biro pen on the inside of the sleeve suit jacket’s sleeve which he was making. Fit for a Prince.

The recreation of a human pack of chess pieces he created for Alexander McQueen Spring 2005 Collection. Queens, Kings, Horses and Pawns.


Fall 2006 show, Widows of Culloden, featured a life-sized hologram of supermodel Kate Moss projecting onto the collection.


Causing commotion at Givenchy for his creative on their Fall 1999 collection, with a show which included a robot spraying machine, creating tension when it cornered a model onto a circular-rotating section in the floor, spraying paint black and fluro yellow over her white cotton dress!

And if that wasn’t enough, he then sent Aimme Mullins, a double amputee model, down the runway with beautifully carved wooden legs. She states, ‘Alexander McQueen approached me to do this series involving people with physical disabilities. I felt, I don’t care if nobody else wants to employ me after this, I want to do something that I care about’.


McQueen has also been credited with launching the career of size 14 supermodel, Sophie Dahl in 1997.


The latest show Alexander McQueen Spring 2010 Collection, where they had cameras on stage on rail-tracks, running up and down the runway filming the audience and models up close with live projections screens happening at the back of the runway. And who can forget those pre-historic shoes! If not already, they will definitely become an absolute iconic show in the history of fashion.

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

The best moments caught on video from Alexander McQueen below. It is truly amazing.

Thanks for the conceptual creations and the boundaries you pushed McQueen.

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