The current heritage trend has seen a massive resurgence in traditional brands, some purely to take advantage of the fad, and others because their timeless nature and high quality production make them a seamless fit for the contemporary man’s wardrobe and lifetstyle.  No brand fits better into the latter category than classic handmade shoe makers Tricker’s.  It seems they are keen to capitalise on this popularity too, not only are they attending the contemporary fashion trade show Bread and Butter Berlin, the designs they are showing feature a range of slimmer and slicker silhouettes in brighter colours which are clearly aimed at a younger, more fashionable demographic than the companies traditional customer.


Thanks to Selectism for the images.

2 Responses

    • Allan

      I think that its clearly a trend. However, I think its one that will have a fundamental change on menswear going forward with a greater focus on quality and longevity. For Tricker’s its a smart move as although the majority will fall away and be on to the next trend a small percentage will now be lifelong Tricker’s customers. They have managed to introduce themselves to a whole new generation without alienating their core customers.