Monster Children Gallery Presents “Glory Holes”
An Exhibition by Trust Fun & Kris Moyes

Opening night: THURSDAY 23RD APRIL 6.00PM
Exhibition continues from 24TH APRIL – 9TH MAY, 2009.

About the Exhibition:
Award winning Australian designers Trust Fun! and international director Kris Moyes will present a series of works titled ‘Glory Holes’ at Monster Children Gallery from April 24, in an exhibition which explores the increasingly blurred line between art and commerce.

Glory Holes will explore the ideas of the Animal, the Vegetable and the Mineral from a cosmic, mystical and aesthetic angle – all with tongue planted firmly in cheek. The space will be filled with pieces covering a range of mediums including high quality digital prints, hand screen-printed glass, video projections and sculpture. Many of the pieces in the exhibition have their origins in the concept stages of album covers, tour posters, music videos and marketing ideas that were later rejected by clients as either ‘too weird’, ‘too difficult’ or ‘too confusing’.

Throughout their respective commercial careers, the Trust Fun! designers and Kris Moyes have each created many things that have been considered ‘not quite design’ while also ‘not quite art’, and Glory Holes attempts to find an outlet for these ideas and explorations. With the line between art and commerce having been progressively blurred since the 1960s and 70s, the Trust Fun! designers believe this line has recently become so fuzzy it’s almost totally unrecognizable, particularly where young audiences are concerned.

The designers feel that in recent years art has managed to alienate many in the younger generations by demanding an academic and conceptual appreciation. As a result, they have increasingly found artistic and creative satisfaction in products and brands, elevating designers to artist status and coveting limited-edition products from multinational juggernauts beyond that of independent artist and craft. Through artistic collaborations and sponsorships, many brands are now bringing the younger audience back into the art environment and with ‘Glory Holes’, Trust Fun! and Kris Moyes hope to further blur that boundary between art and product and encourage people to scratch a little deeper at commercial creative expression and think a little shallower about art.

Trust Fun! is a Sydney-based trio comprising award winning graphic designers Jonathan Zawada and Shane Sakkeus and fashion designer Annie Wright-Zawada. Under Trust Fun! the trio fuse art, fashion, graphic design and humour into a range of limited edition silk scarves that are sold in exclusive boutiques around the world. Kris Moyes is a multi-award winning director and artist whose instantly recognizable style can be seen in music videos for Franz Ferdinand, Beck and The Presets amongst many others.