Twelve Bar is a label that has gone from strength to strength since their move from the UK to LA. The label has developed into a full cut and sew streetwear line, including denim, knitwear and more. This interview at Frontline looks at the newest collection and also explains the move to LA, and their thoughts on the current market. Nick discusses his thoughts on why Twelve Bar fits the US market and why they approach the industry form that angle. Its something I’ve discussed with alot of people, the traditional US influences in Streetwear, from US sports, music to fashion such as Polo, its stems through all corners of the globe within current streetwear, does this make it difficult for brands outside of the US to offer authenticity in their reference? Or are these US references and aesthetics just as applicable to designers and the consumers themselves outside of the US. With Bread & Butter coming up in just over a week, its food for thought with the showcase of US brands getting into europe alongside European brands showing to US buyers.