I love dinosaurs (Brachiosaurids and Stegosaurians are my favorite!), and feeding into my dino frenzy is the new Twelve Bar x Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (TEED) collaboration t-shirt.

To coincide with the U.K. dance music star TEED’s U.S. tour, Twelve Bar has teamed with them to release a one-off collaboration t-shirt. Combining TEED’s dinosaur motif in a repeat pattern encased within Twelve Bar’s trademark heart logo, you too will find yourself “hearting” these giant lizards.

The limited t-shirt is available in white and black and offers several color variations of the graphic design. Now available for purchase exclusively through the Twelve Bar website at Make sure you pick up yours before they go extinct…

For more information about Twelve Bar please visit https://www.twelvebar.com
For more information about TEED please visit http://www.totallyenormousextinctdinosaurs.com