Two Lines Align is a fine compilation of drawings and graphic design by two living leggends Ed Fella and Geoff McFetridge. Two Lines Align is an exhibition about the evolution of graphic design in the context of massive shifts in our visual culture. As guest curator Michael Worthington notes in the catalogue essay, the exhibition explores "the shifts in the perceived cultural worth [of art and graphic design] over time…by placing Ed Fella’s and Geoff McFetridge’s design careers end to end to make one chronological line, one lineage. While Fella’s career reflects how graphic design has historically struggled to define itself in relationship to art, McFetridge follows a path wherein the integration of art and design is taken for granted." The exhibition is accompanied by a 240-page color catalogue designed by Worthington with texts by Worthington, Jamer Hunt and an interview with the artists.

 Well worth checking out at Redcat Gallery in LA before it closes on April 6.