Ugly Sweaters

It’s unclear when Ugly Sweater Parties became an obligatory part of the Holiday part circuit, but since everyone loves dressing like their insane Grandmother and getting wasted off hard cider and eggnog these days, and since you inevitably get invited to one of these soirees every year, here is a selection of actually good-looking sweaters that will help you and stand out at a party where everyone’s sweater stands out.

Lanvin Jacquard Cotton and Wool-Jersey Sweatshirt

Ugly Sweaters

Everyone at the Ugly Sweater Party is going to be rocking something with a dumb bedazzled reindeer on it. Instead, go with Lanvin‘s riff on camo print.

Get it for $1,625 on Mr. Porter’s webstore.

Gant Rugger Cable-Knit Wool-Blend Sweater

People love to have a laugh with the guy in the Two Reindeers Having Sex sweater, but no self-respecting woman is going to be going home with him. Be the well-dressed man that she does go home with, thanks to Gant Rugger‘s cable-knit wool blend offering.

It’s only $195 off Mr. Porter’s webstore.

The Elder Statesman Hand-Dyed Flower Cashmere Sweater

Who needs Red and Green when you’ve got The Elder Statesman‘s hand-dyed, uber-soft full cashmere blue, cream, and orange print sweater? It’s ugly, but at least it’s not run-of-the-mill ugly.

Make it yours for $1,645 on Mr. Porter’s webstore.

Saint Laurent Metal-Studded Fair Isle Knitted Sweater

Metal studs? On a sweater? That’s ugly, but also badass.

Splurge on the $2,190 garment via Mr. Porter webstore.

Raf Simons Leopard-Patterened Alpaca Wool-Blend Sweater

Ugly Sweaters


Snow Leopards are well adapted to Wintery conditions. Take a page out of their book with the Leopard Print Alpaca piece from Raf Simmons.

It’s $1,155 on Mr. Porter’s webstore.

Burberry Prorsum Heart Cutout Wool and Cashmere-Blend Sweater

Ugly Sweaters

Valentine’s Day isn’t until February, but Burberry Prorsum‘s Hear Cutout Wool is the most fashion/calendar forward Ugly Sweater out there.

Visit Mr. Porter’s webstore, bring $1,495.

Alexander McQueen Printed Wool Cardigan

No one will be swearing a stain glass window-printed cardigan sweater at your Ugly Sweater Party. No one except you.

Get it for $1,265 on Mr. Porter’s webstore.

Ovadia & Sons Patterend Chunky-Knit Wool Sweater

When you need extra thermo-effeciency and a hideous off-green, red, and cream combination, Ovadia & Sons has got you covered.

Get chunky for $895 on Mr. Porter’s webstore.

NN.07 Bolten Pattered Merino Wool-Blend Sweater

Ugly Sweaters

Go greyscale, uber-warm and uber-soft with NN.07‘s Lanerossi yarn, Australian wool offering. It’s the classiest of Ugly Sweaters.

It’s $175 on Mr. Porter’s webstore.

Marc By Marc Jacobs Patterned Merino Wool Crew Neck Sweater

Ugly Sweaters

An ugly sweater shouldn’t make sense, and Marc By Marc Jacobs‘ paisley-printed merino wool sweater makes no sense. But it’s glorious none-the-less.

It’s ugly, get it at Mr. Porter’s webstore for a cool $300.


The 10 Ugly Sweaters For The Ugly Sweater Party You Keep Getting Invited To