If you’ve been in Milan during the 90s you should know Dumbo. Dumbo’s tags covered half of Milan’s walls. More than 10 years later, italians can jump back and see Ivano "Dumbo" Atzori’s artworks during this brand new exibition.

On the bus ride from the airport to Milan proper, I gazed out the bus window to see what the youth of italy were up to. The kids were alive! Tags, throw ups, glass etching, petty vandalism covered the concrete and advertisements. Panda, Dumbo, Shampoo were smashing the system. I got off the bus and onto the train I was staying. The map in the station was covered with five ultra wide tags dripping, but not wet. Dumbo again. On the train buffed out but still showing with permanence Dumbo.

Out the window of train a huge silver and black Rude Boys fill in passes by. Off the train walking to the apartment, straight letter fat capped Dumbo tags lead the way. I met the true king of Milan with out ever meeting him or her. When I returned a year later for an install, I rode the train every morning with Dumbo tags and stickers covering the insides and outsides telling me everything abouth their life. I did finally met Dumbo. My friend Josh had met him and painted with him and his friends.

Dumbo represents everything right in this world by doing everything we are told is wrong in a culture that rejects reality as it is given and creates a new reality entirely.

Watch, look, and listen. A fellow human is about to speak.

Barry “Twist” McGee off the book Dumbo – Acts of Vandalism and Stories of Love

Ivano “Dumbo” Atzori

Un Minuto

6th May-2nd June 2008

Vernissage 6th May 2008 from 18.30 to 20.00