Uncommissioned Art: An A-Z of Australian Graffiti, a spectacularly illustrated volume, offers new ways to look at street art and explores its cultural and aesthetic impact.

On the streets of Australian cities there are conversations occurring in paint in public space. Graffiti, stencil and street art are increasingly gaining currency as a potent artform worldwide. In addition to its artistic endeavour, graffiti with its immediacy and ephemeral nature comments on political and social change, and the shape of the urban landscape itself.

This illustrated A-Z combines beautiful colour images from Australia’s thriving graffiti and street art culture, interviews with some of Australia’s most important graffiti and street artists, analysis of the history and evolution of the scene and discussion of urban planning, community and freedom of speech raised by graffiti’s presence in public space. Australian graf writers featured are: Puzle Merda atome spice and more …..

Uncommissioned Art: An A-Z of Australian Graffiti offers new ways to look at street art. It will contribute to local, national and international conversations about art and design, popular culture and urban planning.