Gents of Desire are the latest subject of the Undefeated billboard project setting Los Angeles alight in great humour. "Gents Of Desire is a Los Angeles based social club with chapters in New York and London, which is primarily a group of gentlemen from various backrounds; who believe in proper grooming and doing everything with a touch of class. Outside activities include: mediocre sign painting, amateur photography, modern dance, homemade tattoos, mild criticism and playin’ potsey down on the nickel. All members are required to follow these seven rules, 1. Always project a fantasy, 2. Suit up and show off, 3. If you get warm take off the hot sweater, 4. Keep of the bandwagon, 5. No half steppin’, 6. Run up or shut up, 7. Never go back." Make sure you check out the work if in the area, other wise take a closer look at this piece of the Undefeated project which has included some of the finest names in street art.